The Bhaktivedanta Archives has at least one of each publication printed by the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, Back to Godhead magazine and The Bhaktivedanta Archives. Except for the Bhaktivedanta Archives publications, these publications are not always printed on acid-free paper and therefore will need to be treated, stored and housed in an appropriate environment.

Most of the publications are easily identified; however, some publications are reproduced with subtle differences so careful attention must be given to catalogue these books by date and issue. To this end we helped with the creation of the book matrix for the BBT.


      Due to the age, use and quality of the publications, some conservation work will need to be done in the future. A mass de-acidification off-site would be envisaged using a professional company specializing in this type of work. Depending on the value, condition and uniqueness of the publications, some special containers will need to be made for the final housing of these works.

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