Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Diacritic fonts do not show

2.   VedaBase issues with Vista & Windows 8 — 64 bit

3. What is the latest build of the VedaBase?
    A. 2014

4. Do I need a dongel to run the VedaBase?
    A.  No. Nor do you need a password.

5. Is there phone support for the VedaBase?
    A.  No. Email only. Ekanatha das.

6. Can I export from the VedaBase?
    A.  Yes. RTF, TXT with or without diacritics.

7. Can I copy selected text with an automatic scriptural reference?
    A.  Yes. Please see image below.

If you have more question please contact Ekanatha das.

Additional Questions and Answers will be posted here, your questions are important to us.

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